Sometimes in life we need to speak to someone who is completely objective, yet also supportive and encouraging at the same time. That’s where counselling comes in to play. If you are having personal, family or work issues, counselling is a positive way to work through these issues.

If you’re feeling unheard, or are going through a difficult time in your life and you need to talk it through, I’m here to listen. Listen without judgement, to listen with understanding and commitment to helping you to achieve your goals. We work together in a collaborative approach, to process any difficulties, hurt or trauma, to bring you through the other side, to a place where you feel confident, strong and are able to move forward with your life.

We use traditional talk therapy, along with CBT, to help you to be the very best that you can be. We work through your feelings, fears, blocks and build on your strengths and skills, to help you reach your goals.

Counselling is a safe place where you can express your emotions freely, without any worries of being perceived differently, without any repercussions, simply being heard and understood on a deep level. It is a place where you can be guided to find the answers within, a person centred, strengths based counselling service.

It’s time that you put yourself first, and gave yourself the gift of self care, of looking after yourself the way that you look after others. You may have heard the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup”, and it’s very accurate.

Be kind to you, choose to make the time and space for you. You are important, you are valuable and you are worthy.

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