About Me

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the Darkingjung land on which I live and work, as Australia’s First Peoples. I pay respects to the Elders past, present and emerging. I thank the Elders for their hard work and dedication to ensuring our long standing culture lives on.

I have been an artist since 2013, and I have found it to be quite helpful with relaxation and allowing me the time and space to nurture and replenish myself.

While I still enjoy painting, I wanted something more. So I combined my passion for art with helping people, and discovered art therapy. Art therapy is a playful way to explore the unconscious mind and see what wisdom and strengths we can uncover.

You may have heard that we don’t use about 90% of our brains, and that’s partly true. We do use the other 90%, but it’s the unconscious mind that is using the rest of our brains. This part of our brain relies on automatic thoughts, and with art therapy, we can work on rewiring those automatic thoughts to help us grow and change and be the very best we can be.You can learn more about art therapy by clicking here.

I have also been a Clinical Hypnotherapist for 7 years. I love using the unconscious mind to draw on your strengths. You can learn more about Clinical Hypnotherapy by clicking here.

I’m looking forward to joining you on this exciting journey ahead!